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Jump Rope Crossfit Skipping Ropes Pro Ball Bearings Anti-Slip Handles Sports Weighted Training

Jump Rope Crossfit Skipping Ropes Pro Ball Bearings Anti-Slip Handles Sports Weighted Training

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Type of sports: Cadio Training

Training Site: Core

Department Name: unisex

Material: PU Rope

Type: Single Skip Rope

Length: 3 m (Personal)

Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise

Products Name: Crossfit Jump Rope

Rope Length: 3 m

Rope Dia: 2 rope, 2.5mm and 3.4mm

Hand Length: about 15cm

Package: 2pcs Handles + 2pcs rope(3.4mm+2.5mm) + 2 pcs Anti-wear tube

Type: Single Skip Rope

Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise


Build Perfect Body from Now On !!!

Each time you jump, you are burning fat. Skipping Rope is the fastest way to burn your fat ,build up your strong, flexible and healthy body. It can improve blood circulation throughout the skin, muscles and tendons. And trust me, this will have you sweating in no time! While using Speed Jump Rope, you can jump faster and faster to enjoy the feeling of geting closer to your body limitation. What you can benefit from jump rope? Burning calories and keeping good shape Improved cardiovascular function Enhance flexibility and coordination Relieve cervical lumbar pain Relieve stress and improve mood




✮Ergonomic Non-slip Handles✮- The Jump rope has a handle with grooves in it for your thumb and index finger to rest, which makes grip comfortable. The sweatband allows you hold your rope without concern about it slipping down.


✮Easily Adjustable✮- This Exercise Training Rope comes with a fully adjustable 10 ft long cable. Appropriate for all ages and for any calorie- burning workout program.


✮Hit Double Unders✮- Pro Ball Bearings and ergonomic handles help you keep a high momentum and reach extreme speeds up to 320 jumps per minute. Professional for MMA Training, Mastering Double Under Bodybuilding, Boxing, Cardio Exercises, Personal Training Equipment.


✮Easy To Carry✮- The jump rope is perfect for Home Gym and Outdoor Workouts. It's a workout tool for anyone traveling, or anyone who spends a lot of time on the road





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