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1PCS Baby Teether Silicone Rabbit Food Grade Bunny Teether Nursing Teething Necklace Accessories Silicone Animal Teether

1PCS Baby Teether Silicone Rabbit Food Grade Bunny Teether Nursing Teething Necklace Accessories Silicone Animal Teether

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Packing: Single loaded

Material: Silicone

Material Feature: Nitrosamine Free

Material Feature: PVC Free

Material Feature: Latex Free

Material Feature: Phthalate Free

Material Feature: BPA Free

Function: Teether

Shape: Animal

Age Range: 0-6m

Age Range: 7-12m

Age Range: 13-24m

Age Range: 25-36m

Customized Type: others

Material: Food Grade Silicone Teethers

Shape: Rabbit

Suitable age: 4-6months

Features: Soft, safe and non-toxic, 100% silicone material

Place: Baby Shower Gift Christmas Gift, Birthday Present

Cleaning: Wipe with a clean towel

Quantity: 1pc

Certificate: EN71/ ASTMF/ AU ASNAS/ BPA/ CE/ CPSIA

Benefit: Relieve Baby's Growing Tooth Pain














Baby Grip Gum is a product that helps babies reduce gum discomfort and promote tooth growth. It is usually made from a soft silicone material. They can satisfy your baby's instinctive need for chewing and clenching, as well as provide a level of comfort while chewing.

The use of baby grip gum has the following benefits:

Ease discomfort: During teething, the gums will show pain, swelling and other discomfort symptoms. Using a grip gel can ease these discomfort and make your baby feel more comfortable.

Promote tooth growth: Using dental gel stimulates your baby's oral muscles and helps your baby's teeth grow, making it easier for your baby to chew.

Practice hand-eye coordination: Your baby needs hand movements and power control when holding dental glue, which helps exercise your baby's hand-eye coordination.

When buying baby grip gum, parents should pay attention to the following points:

Material safety: The material should be selected non-toxic and harmless, in line with safety standards of the product, and ensure that through strict testing.

Appropriate size: The size of the glue should be suitable for the use of the baby, not too large or too small, in order to prevent the baby from ingestion or choking and other dangers.

Easy cleaning: It is recommended to choose a product that is easy to clean and easy to operate, and keep the product dry to maintain its cleanliness and hygiene.

All in all, baby Grip gum is a very beneficial baby product that can relieve discomfort during teething, promote tooth growth and improve your baby's hand-eye coordination. Parents can choose products suitable for their babies according to their own needs, and bring more joy and healthy growth to their babies under the premise of ensuring safety.

Quantity: 1pc



The baby will have discomfort and pain during the growth of the teeth, they will choose to bite their fingers, crying to ease the discomfort, this is not correct, we need to use the correct use of the gum products. Baby around the world is using environmentally friendly teether product.
















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