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Workout Gloves for Men Women

Workout Gloves for Men Women

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Type: Weight Lifting Glove

Model Number: Z44


100% new quality.
Made of qualified materials, past quality, safe and harmless.
Elegant design, exquisite style, high quality, low price and high cost performance.
Practical and durable.
It is the first choice for sports and fitness gloves.

Product: non-slip breathable fitness sports half finger gloves
Material: suede ladder cloth
Color: orange and black, light blue and black, dark blue and black, pure black
Palm width: M 9-10cm, L 10-11cm, XL 11-12cm

When we fitness, we sweat.
Sweating in the palm of your hand is a very common phenomenon.
However, if not treated properly, we can be injured as a result.
For example, when you are doing push-ups, if your palms sweat, your palms may slip, thus twisting your wrists;
If you are lifting weights, if you sweat in your palm, you may be unable to pick up the dumbbell and injure yourself.
Therefore, it is very necessary to wear a pair of practical non-slip gloves while exercising.
These breathable non-slip half finger gloves are very practical.
Its texture is suede plus stair cloth, durable and practical, not only non-slip but also very breathable, just like your second skin.
With it, you don't have to worry about sweating your hands while exercising. It will make you firmly grasp things in your hands, not slip, very practical.

Package Includes:
A pair of half finger gloves




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